4 Places Where you can get Cash for Your Clothes

Is your closet completely full? How many pieces of clothing are stored in your closet and how many of them are sitting there for months unworn? If you have many unused clothes, then you should know that you can convert these clothes into cash fast.

According to many surveys, an average person has hundreds of dollars in unused clothes. Now, with the help of the Internet, people can easily turn these unwanted clothes into something more useful – cash. In the past, people had to ask local consignment stores whether they will accept their clothes. They could also organize a garage sale. Of course, you can still do this today, but it is a much smarter idea to use the internet to sell your clothes. There are many online clothing business opportunities waiting for you. This is a huge market and it probably won’t take much time before you sell your unused clothes.

The best places to sell clothes online

  1. SnobSwap

As the name suggests, this site is focused on luxurious goods which is why it is primarily used by women who love fashion but can’t afford to buy the most expensive goods. Christian Louboutin, Coach, and Chanel are some of the best sellers on SnobSwap. So, if you have branded goods like this, feel free to use this website.

  1. Grailed

If you analyze the websites that allow buying and selling of used clothes, you will notice that most of them are focused on women. Well, this is not the case with Grailed which is a website focused on men. Most of the users are in their 20s and early 30s and they are usually looking for casual clothes. Sneakers, hoodies, T-shirts – these are some of the things that you can sell on Grailed fast and at a reasonable price.

  1. Tradesy

Tradesy is one of those websites that make selling online very simple and easy for sellers. Just like SnobSwap, Tradesy is a place where most of the clothes are branded. This website will make the selling process simpler by suggesting a good price. They also get a 9% commission fee.

  1. ReFashioner

If you are using ReFashioner, you will get a chance to sell, buy and even swap your clothes. Every user has a specially designed closet in which you add photos of the clothes you want to sell or exchange. Remember that the website has the right to reject your goods.

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